The switch to Michael Vick from Ben Roethlisberger means the Steelers need to adjust their offense -- from the playcalling all the way down to the JUGS machine.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley has had to change his mindset and flip the field as a playcaller due to having a left-handed quarterback.

"I think you become a little more left handed formationally," Haley said via "Like I said, when I call plays, everything is based off of the left hash mark when you have a right-handed quarterback, because generally you want your three-receiver side out to the field. So, when a lefty is in there, I think it kind of flips in your brain. We had a game plan one day that was funny. We kept writing three to the right instead of three to the left, but we felt comfortable today."

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The adjustments don't end there. Right tackle Marcus Gilbert is now the blind side protector on the offensive line, and the receivers will have to adapt to a different spin on the ball.

"Catching the football from him, that's a whole different thing," Haley said. "But again, we made sure that these guys were catching a lot of footballs prior to this, and he's obviously getting as much work as he can this week. We switched all the JUGS machines. We spun them the opposite direction."