Brothers Travis, Chase d'Arnaud share cool moment during game

It's not often that two related players play in the same game, nonetheless within inches of each other in the same at-bat, but that's exactly what Travis and Chase d'Arnaud did on Tuesday.

In the seventh inning of the Phillies' 4-3 victory over the Mets, Chase was called up to pinch hit with none other than his brother Travis, the Mets starting catcher, behind the dish, marking the first time the two brothers have played against each other in a major-league game.

"I still can't believe it happened," Travis said.

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As Chase stepped into the batter's box, the two enjoyed the moment with some banter.

"It was just all laughing," Travis said. "I was telling him if he got on, he better steal."

The at-bat wasn't an even battle for Chase, who has been a September call-up over the past few seasons.

After all, Travis used to pitch to him in their driveway as kids and had an advanced scouting report on his brother.

"I still vividly remember being 6 and 8, playing 'tape ball' in the driveway, knowing that I could throw that back-door two-seam [fastball] to him. Fortunately, [Jonathon] Niese was able to execute a couple of those in that front hip."

Niese struck Chase out, after which he was seen making a comment to his brother.

"I'm going to keep that between me and him," Travis said of Chase's remark.