Jarryd Hayne has managed to make the transition from the Australian rugby league to punter returner in the NFL.

Yet despite Hayne's early success, the San Francisco 49ers are unwilling to speed up the learning curve for the rookie and add kickoff return duties to his plate.

"It's kind of two different skill sets. Not to say that Jarryd can't do it, but that's not his strong suit," 49ers special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey said per the San Jose Mercury News. "His strong suit is punt return, and that's where we're going to continue to let him flourish."

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Hayne provided one of the few highlights in Sunday's 47-7 drubbing by Arizona with a 37-yard punt return. Meanwhile, fellow rookie Andrew White fumbled on a kickoff return in the game and is averaging only 23.7 yards.

Still, McGaughey said it would not be a prudent move to attempt to slide Hayne into White's role.

"If you look at the space in a punt return, it's a lot more, as opposed to space in a kickoff return," McGaughey said. "It can get real tight there in a hurry in kickoff returns, and that's something he's still trying to get a feel for. His strength is punt return and that's where we're going to keep him at."