Chiefs' late-game rally was mounted against soft prevent defense

The Chiefs went three quarters before they found their passing game.

It came alive in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers -- just in time to make a four-score blowout seem closer than it ever was.

"Some of that was probably unanticipated, to that extent," Smith told reporters after the eight-point loss. "They were bringing it and kept bringing it. Obviously, we couldn't make a play against it."

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The stats suggest Smith and Co. held their own; reality suggests otherwise.

Take Jeremy Maclin's final stat sheet: Eight catches, 141 yards, and that drought-breaking touchdown. But the No. 1 receiver didn't catch his first pass until late in the third quarter and scored after 44 minutes of play.

Smith's stats (24-of-40, 290 yards, TD) are equally misleading. He completed two passes on seven attempts for 39 yards in the first half.

The Packers were content to surrender short, time-consuming receptions. They let the Chiefs bleed their own clock, stats be damned.

"It just wasn't good enough," Smith said. "All of us. Across the board."

(h/t Kansas City Star)