For the fans of Andrew McCutchens dreads of the past, you better start adjusting to his clean cut look.

The Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder told Stephen Nesbitt of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he will "never" grow his hair back out.

"Never bringing them back," McCutchen said. "Never."

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The biggest thing the five-time All-Star was worried about in cutting his hair was that video game developers would have to alter his look for this season.

From Nesbitt:

The only person McCutchen really felt sorry for after the haircut was the video-game developer at MLB The Show who would have to scramble to update the 'do.

"Someone spent some hard hours making the hair move and flow," he said, "and the next thing you know I cut it."

It certainly doesn't look like the clean cut has affected his play on the field, as McCutchen is hitting .293 with 22 home runs this season.