When it's time to party they will party hard.

That's what Cubs manager Joe Maddon told reporters Wednesday night, as the North Siders close in on their first playoff berth in seven years.

All signs point to the Cubs clinching a postseason spot by the end of the week, and Maddon is looking forward to the celebration.

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"[It will be] As big as it could possibly be," Maddon said (via CSN Chicago). "You celebrate achievement all the time. So I love the fact that we celebrate every night. It has this bonding effect among the group. And then when you go beyond that, celebrate just a little bit harder."

Maddon, in his first year as Cubs manager, has used his unique managerial tactics to brighten up the clubhouse.

On Tuesday, Maddon brought a pink flamingo to his pregame news conference before the matchup against the Milwaukee Brewers.

He then had a small petting zoo was set up in the left-field corner before the game for the players and their families to enjoy. Among the animals were a sloth, a penguin, a snow leopard -- and that flamingo, who Maddon named Warren.

Many wonders what exactly Maddon has in store for his team's impending playoff celebration, given his indication that he plans to celebrate that achivement "harder" than the rest.

"I don't know how much bigger it can get," pitcher Kyle Hendricks told CSN Chicago. "But I guess there's always room for improvement in anything."

As far as improvement goes, Hendricks is right. The Cubs are still focused on chasing down the Pittsburgh Pirates for home-field advantage in the wild-card game. But that doesn't mean there isn't time for a "party" along the way.

"Listen, the word 'party' has taken on a negative connotation in our country these days," Maddon said. "It's really bumming me out. There's nothing wrong with having a good party.

"So if you have an opportunity to have a good party, go out and have one. All right? It's OK to have a good time."

(h/t CSN Chicago)