Colin Cowherd offered up his top 10 NFL teams through two weeks. Here's his list, with a comment on each team.

10. Denver Broncos: "Lucky for Peyton he's got a dominant defense."

9. New York Giants: 'They're plus-2 in turnover margin."

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8. Atlanta Falcons: "You can win a lot of games in that division."

7. New York Jets: "I think there's a ceiling on the New York Jets, but their defense is suffocating."

6. Pittsburgh Steelers: "You can make the argument that Ben Roethlisberger is the hottest quarterback in the league."

5. Seattle Seahawks: "Jimmy Graham hasn't found his niche yet...but they held a fourth-quarter lead in their first two games."

4. Cincinnati Bengals: "I don't love Andy Dalton, but when you watch them play... doesn't that look like the most talented team in the league?

3. Arizona Cardinals: "Bruce Arians may be the smartest offensive mind in the league."

2. Green Bay Packers: "When you have Aaron Rodgers... he is such a life preserver. He is so gifted."

1. New England Patriots: "New England has rolled two decent teams."