The chances of Josh Hamilton rejoining the Texas Rangers in anything more than a pinch-hitting role remain uncertain, but the outfielder was scheduled to run the bases on Wednesday to test his injured knee.

Hamilton's been out of action for quite some time, and underwent surgery on that left knee on September 11. He's had two pinch-hit appearances since then, but hasn't yet been able to assume a bigger role due to the injury.

The Rangers, currently holding down the top spot in the AL West, could feasibly use him as a pinch-hitting option for the postseason if they so choose.

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However, Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said that manager Jeff Banister wouldn't confirm or deny whether Hamilton would have to be able to play in the outfield in order to be considered for the postseason roster.

"Every step that he does make in the positive direction benefits us and him," Banister told Wilson. "The benchmark is how well he show up every day. A lot of this is to tolerance. He's going to let us know what he can give us each day."

Whatever happens, Hamilton told Wilson it's up to Banister's discretion: "It's hard for me to say when I'll be out there. We're trying to get to the playoffs. It's [Banister's] decision to put out there whoever he feels is hot or doing the best for the team. I'm OK with that."

The Rangers should know more soon regarding Hamilton's situation and what they might be able to expect out of him, if anything.

(h/t Star-Telegram)