He didn't quite match the performance from Pau Gasol, who was legendarily awesome in Spain's EuroBasket semifinal victory over France. But Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was still very, very good on both ends of the floor.

Unfortunately for Gobert and France, he dealt with foul trouble for much of the game, fouling out in overtime. Gasol took over for good in the final minutes with Gobert on the bench, and the rest was history.

... until Gobert posted on Twitter his belief that it's "hard to play when somebody can touch you but you can't touch him!"

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That didn't sit well with Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, who's not a member of the national EuroBasket team, but defended his countrymen nonetheless:

Pretty harsh words by Rubio's standards! By way of comparison, he offered up comments from France's Nicolas Batum as those of a "class act":

Gobert, for his part, clarified his comments after Rubio's remarks: