If you've been paying attention to the talking points in the last week, you might have seen the all-important narrative shift regarding Tony Romo. The guy who has been often considered a "choker" is now being hailed as clutch.

Yet another last-minute, fourth quarter comeback can do that. But Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones doesn't want to hear about it -- he's known about Romo's credentials for a while now.

"Let's don't spend a lot of our time talking about the narrative, although we're all aware of what you're talking about when you say 'the narrative,'" Jones said Friday on 105.3 FM The Fan. "Tony is really good."

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Romo's opener was impressive for a variety of reasons, aside from the last-gasp victory. He completed 80 percent of his passes for 356 yards and three touchdowns, and the two interceptions credited to him were more a result of receiver bobbles.

Coupled with his amazing run to the second round of the playoffs last year -- garnering NFL MVP consideration along the way – it was enough to earn some high praise from Jones.

"I really would not -- I really would not, for what we've got ahead of us -- he is who I want as opposed to a choice throughout the league," he said.

That's some high praise for Romo, considering this NFL boasts franchise quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck and a host of others – and Jones is quite aware of that fact.

"It's not hyperbole, either -- I really mean it," he said.

With that in mind, it wasn't surprising to hear Jones double down on a statement he made last fall. It's especially poignant out the outset of the 2015 season, with Romo coming off arguably his best-ever season and the Cowboys widely considered to be playoff contenders.

"I have said this, but I want to restate: if he should go through a career with the Cowboys and not have knocked on the door -- won, I'm going to go as far as to say won a Super Bowl -- it would be my biggest disappointment having owned this team," he said. "He is a quarterback that can win Super Bowls, he is a franchise quarterback."


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