Bills team store trolls Patriots with ball pump display

There's been no lack of trash talk between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots ahead of Sunday's highly anticipated matchup. Both coaches and players have fired shots back and forth, but now another party is getting involved.

At the Bills team store, there's a display of ball pumps for sale in a very prominent location for all to see. The chances of this being coincidental are not very good, to say the least.

Needless to say, Rex Ryan's "mojo" has rubbed off on everyone in Buffalo -- even the team's store workers. And who knows? Maybe Ryan was the one behind this clever burn.

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But the big winner in this diss is Franklin -- the pump manufacturer. Talk about some free advertising on social media.

The Patriots are in for a tough battle in front of a raucous crowd of Bills fans trying to set a Guiness World Record.

(h/t Joe Buscaglia)