Luke Kuechly gave concussed halftime pep talk to Panthers

It's a pretty safe bet that after suffering a concussion, a player probably isn't much in the mood for chatting. Apparently, that doesn't stand true for linebacker Luke Kuechly, according to David Newton of ESPN.

As Newton explains, Kuechly actually gave his teammates a halftime pep talk that pumped them up heading into the second half of their 20-9 Week 1 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott sounded off on Kuechly and the impact he made off the field on Sunday.

"Luke, to his credit, from a leadership standpoint, came through where we needed him on defense at halftime,'' defensive coordinator Sean McDermott told ESPN on Monday. "He came through and was pumping the guys up and everything. We knew then that he was OK. I think that helped the players just emotionally, mentally.

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"And then spiritually he got them up to where they needed to be to start the second half.''

That's pretty impressive for Kuechly, who seems like he should be back on the field sooner than later. Fans have to love seeing Kuechly motivate off the field, but having him motivate on the field would obviously be much preferred.

(h/t ESPN)