UFC welterweight Nick Diaz finally met with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to address his failed drug test at UFC 193 in January. But in an effort not to self-incriminate, Diaz evoked his right to plead the fifth ... over and over again.

NSAC commissioner Pat Lundvall refused to allow Diaz to provide a blanket statement which would cover all questions asked during the hearing, much to Diaz's lawyer's dismay. The fighter's counsel brought to the commission's attention how much of a waste of time and energy the process would be, but Lundvall insisted.

What ensued was a Chappelle Show-like question and response between Lundvall and Diaz.

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We, and most of the Twitterverse, couldn't help but draw comparison to the legendary Chappelle Show skit where "Tron Carter" showed up to his hearing just to plead the fifth ... or should we say "fif"?

UPDATE: Diaz's silence didn't seem to help his cause, as the commission handed down a 5-year ban to the former Strikeforce champion.