Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh won't face discipline for making contact with the head of Redskins running back Alfred Morris on Sunday.

NFL VP of communications Mike Signora told FOX Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo in an email: "The play was reviewed by the senior football operations staff and there will be no action taken. While there was contact between the players, Suh's action was not deemed a kick."

Late in the second quarter, Morris ran for 9 yards and was tackled by Suh. As Suh got up, his leg made contact with Morris's helmet, knocking it off.

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Suh, of course, once famously stepped on a Packers offensive lineman on Thanksgiving and then was almost suspended for doing the same thing to Aaron Rodgers in Week 17 last year, but the NFL deemed his actions were not intentional.