Kyle and Samantha Busch donate to help couples become parents

Young Brexton Busch has been enjoying a pretty sweet life since joining the world on May 18, 2015, but his journey to life was not an easy one for parents Kyle and Samantha.

While Kyle has had no trouble finding Victory Lane in NASCAR, the couple's path to parenthood was full of struggles and heartbreak. Samantha suffered from a condition causing difficulties with fertility, and the couple turned to in vitro fertilization.

Samantha blogged about their journey through the pregnancy, with the hope of inspiring and providing hope for other couples dealing with the same issues.

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After years of trying and nine months of preparing, Brexton was born into this world, forever changing the lives of Kyle and Samantha.

While Samantha took to her blog throughout the process to provide inspiration, the Busch family took things a step further.

Working with the REACH Clinic of Charlotte (North Carolina), Kyle and Samantha created the Bundle of Joy Fund to provide some much-needed funds for families also dealing with the stresses of infertility.

With Brexton on hand, the Busch family gave five families the funds needed to go through the in vitro fertilization process in order to have a family of their own. The Bundle of Joy Foundation donated a total of $47,000 to the five families.

"Kyle and I feel so blessed to have our son Brexton in our lives," said Samantha. "Going through this process was really a learning experience for both of us, and we know first-hand the frustration and anxiety couples with infertility issues go through trying to start a family. We realized through this journey that perhaps the reason for it was so we could help other couples who cannot afford the treatments for a miracle baby of their own.

"It brought us so much joy to be able to tell five couples that we are able to financially help them with their treatments. I think it was nearly as emotional for us as it was for them, and we could not have done it without the help of our sponsors and fans who generously donate to the Kyle Busch Foundation."

Check out the video of Kyle and Samantha surpising the five families below: