The Ultimate Writer: Julian Erosa breaks down Episode 1

I think both sides kicked the season off with some really good exciting fights. Everyone gave it one hundred percent and left it all in the cage and the coaches seemed to really enjoy the first fights.

I tried watching as many fights as I could that day to gauge everyone and see how I would stack up against them because at that point everyone was a potential opponent for me. I did, however, miss a couple fights while warming up so it was nice to re-watch all of them. One fight that really stood out to me was Thanh Le's. He was the first fight I saw and he put on a clinic with his stand up and being able to witness that just got me more excited to step in the cage myself.

Everyone else really showed heart and determination to make it in the house. I was happy to have won my fight and move into the house although it wasn't very exciting. My opponent Jason Soares is a blackbelt with good wrestling and the majority of his fights with finishes by rear naked choke. He is very impressive but we all had made it that far for a reason. We're all impressive in our own ways.

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While some people might think he's a bad match up for me, it really is what I'm used to. I usually try and stand with my opponent and frustrate them enough to make mistakes and they usually try to take me to the ground like Jason did.

He was persistent with the take down but I won the scrambles and capitalized on his mistakes and was able to get the decision.