Following the debut of the new season of "The Ultimate Fighter," coach Urijah Faber joins the newest episode of "TUF Talk" to discuss his role on the show and how he enjoyed his time alongside Conor McGregor.

Faber has coached on the show previously, but going up against McGregor was a whole other animal.

As much as he enjoyed a good back-and-forth battle with McGregor during the first episode, Faber actually didn't mind the outspoken Irishman for the most part in the time they spent together during the season.

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"I have a hard time not getting along with people," Faber said. "That's one of my things I'm known for. Conor's an OK guy when he settles down. What I can appreciate is when someone's being real and although he's a little over the top and a bit delusional at times, he is really who he is and I can appreciate that."

One of the biggest arguments that stemmed from the show, which erupted last week on 'UFC Tonight' was McGregor telling Faber that his teammate and current UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw was a "snake in the grass."

Faber couldn't go into too much detail because there's a lot more to the story that will unfold during this season of "The Ultimate Fighter." but he says McGregor mostly poured salt on an open wound after the split between Team Alpha Male and their former coach Duane "Bang" Ludwig.

"Duane Ludwig is a guy who just keeps finding dysfunction," Faber said. "I tried to help that guy out so much and it's just really sad to see dysfunction just follow the guy, talking bad about our guys, etc. ... It doesn't sit good with me and Conor could sense that a little bit. He sees it himself and he's asking about it. That's how the whole thing got started."

Faber further explained his bad blood with Ludwig after the two worked together for a year, but then the former UFC fighter split with the Sacramento-based team and moved back to his home state of Colorado. Ludwig has continued to work with Dillashaw and a few other Team Alpha Male fighters, but it's clear his relationship with Faber is strained and not getting better any time soon.

"Duane has something to sell," Faber said. "The guy was dead broke when we got to him and we all tried to rally behind him and give him an opportunity. He did a great job showing some moves, but champions are built because of what's internal. Not because they know a few good moves. The guy got an opportunity to have a second chance to make a living and that's his livelihood. So he's hanging onto every bit of that.

"He's the jealous ex-girlfriend and Conor got a little whiff of that so he knows how to twist the needle a little bit."

Hear the rest of Faber's comments about McGregor, Ludwig and the fights on the debut episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" on the newest "TUF Talk" via Soundcloud.