It might feel like the Phoenix Suns are treading water in the Western Conference standings. But it's a new age for the team, too, with a new sponsor for the arena. And with that changing of the guard comes a new court design, new black uniforms, and a slight modification to one of the Sun's current jerseys.

At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, the team officially unveiled its new court and uniforms. The court ditches the "SUNS" block-letter logo and puts the old sunburst at center court -- as well as adding a touch of purple back to the mix:

As for the jerseys, the black version was modeled both digitally and in the flesh, while the team lineup indicated that only the "Ember" jerseys will have sleeves for the 2015-16 season:

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According to Matt Petersen of, the team will wear the black "Civic Pride" alternate jerseys 13 times in the upcoming season.