Earlier this summer, the Charlotte Hornets acquired Nicolas Batum because he's a really good two-way player. He goes above and beyond what typical 3-and-D threats can provide, and should add some off-the-bounce spunk to an offense that badly needs it.

Courtesy of SB Nation's At the Hive, here's a look at the particulars of Batum's potential production, and why inserting his skill set into Charlotte's rotation could be a major help:

Batum played through a wrist injury last season, which help explains his putrid 32.4 percent average from behind the three-point line. He nearly sunk below 40 percent overall from the floor, too, and his PER dipped below league average for the first time in four seasons.

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But Charlotte should get a better player than the one Portland saw last season. Batum's role will increase and his responsibilities will rise. It's a challenge, but the 26-year-old will be counted on to meet it and persevere.

(h/t: At the Hive)