Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside has been vocal in his displeasure with NBA 2K's rating system.

In NBA 2K12, Whiteside's first appearance in the game, he was rated 49 out of 100. Last season, Whiteside started off as a 59 in NBA 2K15, but has his rating bumped up to a 77 after his 12-block triple-double against the Chicago Bulls and a little campaigning.

Still, Whiteside wasn't satisfied. That was until NBA 2K16 released some of its player ratings -- they gave Whiteside an 81 -- after which Whiteside took to Twitter to celebrate:

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An 81 is fairly high for Whiteside, who managed his dominant level of production for less than half a season. He can be a top-40 player at his peak, though, and therefore getting him to replicate his production consistently is probably the x-factor for the Heat next season.

(h/t Extra Mustard)