At 26 years old, San Francisco Giants ace MadisonBumgarner has pitched more gems that some pitchers hurl in a career, but don'tthink he's sitting back and admiring his work.

As Bumgarner prepared to face the Pirates in Pittsburgh forthe first time since piecing together a dominant complete-game shutout with 10strikeouts in a wildcard win that set the tone for the Giants' World Series championshiprun last year, he was asked what stands out about that performance when he watchesit on video.

His answer was of the nature we've come to expect fromthe gritty, wholesome lefty.

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"I haven't watched it," Bumgarner said. "Ihaven't watched any of those games from last year, only some of the highlights.I don't go back and watch any of my games."

So, Bumgarner has won four World Series games anddelivered a heroic five-inning scoreless relief effort in Game 7 of the 2014 WorldSeries on three days rest and he's never taken a step back from his work andadmired it like the masterful pitching artist that he is?

"Is that unusual?" he said. "Do a lot ofguys go back and watch?"

Perhaps not in the Giants clubhouse, where manager BruceBochy preaches a "focus forward" mentality, but Bumgarner'sdisinterest in reveling in his accomplishments only adds to his legendary mystique.

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