There appears to be three teams that could relocate to Los Angeles: San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams.

Former St. Louis Rams great, Torry Holt, chimed in on the discussion via The Ryan Kelley Morning After show regarding the situation.

When broached on the subject, Holt responded: "I wish I could (make the Rams stay in St. Louis). But it's bigger than me. He's running his organization the way he thinks it needs to be ran. But if I had some magic wand, I would wave it and we would remain in St. Louis."

The Rams recently held a joint practice with the Dallas Cowboys in Oxnard and had a strong showing of support from fans.

Plus owner Stan Kroenke has already unveiled his plans to build a stadium in Hollywood Park.

Only time will tell if this move will eventually happen.

(h/t InsideSTL)

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