Former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was never afraid of a challenge inside the Octagon and it appears he's still not afraid to go head-to-head with UFC president Dana White when they share a difference of opinion.

Recently, White was involved in a back-and-forth argument with a fan on Twitter while discussing the pay-per-view prices for UFC 190 when Ronda Rousey took on Bethe Correia.

The argument stemmed from a fan defending the WWE Network, which costs $9.99 a month and includes all of the company's pay-per-view cards, as White fired back about the realism of professional wrestling versus the fights that actually take place in the UFC.

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"Fake s--t should be $9.99," White wrote. "Trust me, my friend it's fake.

"Not disrespecting what they do. All the WWE guys I have met are awesome people, but yes, it's fake."

Lesnar fired back at his former boss when appearing on ESPN SportsCenter on Tuesday while promoting his appearance at WWE SummerSlam this weekend. Lesnar was asked about White's comments and while the former UFC champion isn't going to deny that professional wrestling is staged, his argument is that the promotion behind WWE and what takes place in the Octagon are exactly the same.

"Of course, Dana, it's fake. Everybody knows that, but you're promoting the same thing we're promoting. Dana White is promoting fights -- we're promoting fights. It just so happens that we get a little more longevity out of our fight and out of our fighters because of the circumstances.

"It is a staged arena. Everybody knows that. Dana, probably in his defense, is promoting fighting -- but it's the same thing. He's trying to sell pay-per-views, he's trying to sell money fights. It's the same racket."

Lesnar took it one step further when comparing his current boss Vince McMahon to White and stated that part of the UFC president's problem with WWE probably stems from the fact that somebody else is doing the job better than him.

Lesnar has worked for both and says ultimately McMahon is just a better promoter than White and that likely gets under the UFC president's skin.

"The business model's the same, it's identical. I think Vince McMahon's better at it than Dana and that might rub Dana the wrong way," Lesnar stated.

"Vince is the pioneer of it. He's been doing this his whole life and he's damn good at it."

Considering Lesnar is retired from MMA and will likely spend the rest of his career working for WWE, it's no surprise that he would favor his current boss over his old one.

Still, Lesnar says that WWE fans can enjoy the UFC the same as UFC fans can enjoy the WWE, because ultimately it's all entertainment.

"If you can't turn WWE on Monday night and get something out of that show and be entertained," Lesnar stated, "Then there's something wrong with you."