Cam Newton has no interest in being thought of as just another guy in a red jersey. While the idea of quarterbacks wearing the red jersey is so they don't take big hits, Newton believes he's unlike any other quarterback.

"You've never seen a guy in a red jersey like me," Newton told the Associated Press. "You're not going to shape or form me into who you want me to be. I'm here for" my teammates.

On top of that, Steve Reed of the Associated Press points out that Newton thinks people worry too much about him getting hurt.

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"People are going to have their concerns with me riding on the Segway -- 'Hey, what is he doing? He could stumble over a stick and trip up,'" Newton said. "I can't live my life like that. It goes back to this: Am I going to let people dictate what I'm supposed to be? Or am I going to dictate to people and say, 'I am what I am?' If you like it then that's great; if you don't like it, even better."

Even veteran tight end Greg Olsen was quick to come to Newton's defense, as Reed explains.

"He's (245) pounds and has rushed for more touchdowns than almost any quarterback in NFL history. He's a big boy. He's fine," Olsen said. "I think everyone needs to stop overreacting. ... He's one of the biggest guys on the team and carries the ball 15 times per game like a running back. A little hand-slapping fight with a DB in practice? I think he will be OK."

There's been a whole lot of debate about Newton getting into it with Norman, and while it wasn't the smartest of moves, it's not like Newton needs to live in a bubble to avoid injury. We've seen the franchise quarterback for the Panthers take his fair share of big hits throughout his career, and we know that he's a pretty tough, and pretty strong guy.

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