While there's been much talk recently about Madden ratings for top NFL players, it's now officially out there that Mike Evans isn't a happy camper when it comes to his rating. As Jose Martinez of The Pewter Plank explained, the second-year receiver believes his rating isn't quite as high as what it should be.

As reported by the MMQB, Evans had the following to say:

"The ratings are crazy," Evans told MMQB. "All the years, all the money I've been wasting on Madden, the hard work I put in on the field, getting hit in the head, knees hurting, and I still can't get a 90 rating overall. Twenty other receivers are rated higher than me. It's crazy, man. It hurts, man. I am a little bitter."

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Evans seems genuinely upset, which can only mean one thing. The former Texas A&M receiver is going to look to get that rating over 90 next year, so expect big things in 2015.

(h/t The Pewter Plank and MMQB)

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Steve Nesius