Jerry Jones has what he calls a "natural passion" for Los Angeles.

Speaking to reporters at the league's owners meetings addressing the issue of the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers trying to relocate to Los Angeles, the Dallas Cowboys owner explained his affinity for pro football in the City of Angels.

"I'm the favorite son of El Segundo," Jones said. "I was born in LA, Inglewood. So, I have a natural passion in that I have a lot of relatives that live in Los Angeles."

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Though often billed as a native Arkansan, Jones was born in Los Angeles before his family relocated to North Little Rock, Arkansas during his early childhood. And even though he moved over 1,500 miles away from LA, Jones recalls the great history of pro football in Los Angeles.

"I go back to the great traditions of the great Ram teams and certainly Chargers began there," said Jones. "We know the Raiders and Al [Davis] have been a big part of the LA history. All of this says to me that football in LA is natural."

The Rams moved from Cleveland in 1946 and stayed in Los Angeles until 1995 when the club relocated to St. Louis. The Raiders, under the direction of former owner Al Davis, moved away from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1982 where the team stayed for 13 years before going back to Oakland. The Chargers only played their inaugural season of 1960 in Los Angeles before going to San Diego where they have remained ever since.

Still, Jones would love to end the NFL drought in Los Angeles that has now gone on for 20 years.

"From my perspective, I'm going to get it back there stronger and more substantive than it's ever been."

As owner of the Cowboys, Jones would like to see his team play on the road in the entertainment capital of the world. In Jones' 26-year ownership of the Cowboys, the club has only played three games in the Los Angeles area, including Super Bowl XXVII. Dallas has held training camp in nearby Oxnard off and on since 2001.


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