Tom Brady and Roger Goodell are slated to appear in court on Aug. 12 and 19 where settlement talks will begin. The Deflategate situation is expected to be resolved before the start of the season, but the way the investigation has been handled hasn't sat well with Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito.

Of course, Incognito was involved in an investigation of his own for "Bullygate" during his time with the Miami Dolphins. If there's a player who knows what Brady's going through, it's Incognito.

Because of his ability to relate to Brady's case, Incognito isn't happy with how it's been handled. He's not happy at all, specifically with Goodell and Ted Wells.

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"I just think it's bogus, the whole system in how it's set up with Roger and the complete, absolute power he has," Incognito said, via Newsday. "He has so much power and he hires independent investigators who come in and are obviously not independent. They come in with an agenda and they come in looking to find facts to back up their argument."

Wells, the lead investigator in Brady's case, was also the head of the investigation against Incognito. As a result of his role in the bullying scandal, Wells found Incognito guilty, which ultimately led to him being suspended for eight games in 2013. Needless to say, Wells' investigation didn't sit well with Incognito, either.

"Ted Wells came in with a mission against me. Ted Wells came in slanted against me and everything in his report was slanted against me. There were some things in there that would have helped my cause that were left out."

With regards to Brady's case, Incognito said there is "a lot of stuff that got left out" and "a lot of misinformation." If that's indeed true, that doesn't bode well for Brady. The way Incognito is talking about the investigation, it doesn't sound like Brady stands a chance against Goodell, Wells, and the NFL.

(h/t Newsday)