Roger Goodell has come under a lot of criticism for his rulings on Tom Brady's involvement in Deflategate. Fans have flown banners over Goodell's Maine home, telling him to go back to New York to settle the Brady case. Antonio Cromartie came out and harshly criticized Goodell, saying Brady shouldn't be suspended.

On Thursday night, however, Goodell received praise from a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. During the Hall of Fame ceremony Thursday, Ron Wolf shook Goodell's hand and said "Way to go on that Brady thing." Goodell's reaction? A big smile and a laugh.

It's very possible Goodell laughed because it's the first time he's heard a compliment for suspending Brady. It's also very possible that Goodell was simply thanking Wolf for his praise, knowing well and good that he has indeed done a swell job.

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Regardless, Brady probably won't be thrilled when he sees how proud Goodell was after Wolf's compliment.