Washington Redskins defensive tackle Terrance Knighton was once one of the more entertaining follows on Twitter. Shortly after a controversial tweet on the DeflateGate scandal last January, Knihghton made the decision to delete his account. Now he's back and this time he's all about keeping his account strictly about football.

"When you don't have social media in this world," Knighton said on Thursday, per the Washington Post, "it's like you're dead. Like you don't even exist."

He has some rules and regulations this time around as he prepares for his second run on Twitter.

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"I won't speak on anything but football," Knighton said. "Anything Redskins, that's all I'll speak on. No DeflateGate, no injuries…."

Knighton was put to the test right away. The Republican Presidential debate took place on Thursday night, and it was trending all over Twitter. Knighton didn't tweet a word.

If you want to follow the newest Redskin, you can find him on Twitter @MisterRoast98.

(h/t Washington Post)