Giants' Moore and Pugh on good terms after training camp fight

Earlier this week, New York Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh and defensive end Damontre Moore got into a fist fight during practice. It was the first big fight of camp, and it seems as if the two sides have cleared the air since Monday's practice when it took place.

"It was a fight," Moore told reporters on Wednesday before the Giants' first full pads practice of training camp, per True Jersey. "Tempers get flared. You're in the heat of battle ... it's just one of those things that comes with the territory."

Head coach Tom Coughlin didn't see it that way. He was instead cognizant of the negatives that can potentially come from a training camp fight. Moore must have received an earful from Coughlin, because his comments on Wednesday nearly echoed what coach Coughlin had to say.

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"You've got to be a little more smarter and a little more composed," Moore said. "First and foremost, you should never fight another teammate. You can get yourself hurt or the other person hurt. Or someone who was just around the pile could have gotten hurt."

Moore and Pugh are two core members of the Giants' roster in 2015 and beyond. The Giants are expecting big things from both players going forward, and they will have to keep their tempers in check until Friday, August 8th, when the Giants take on the Bengals in their first preseason game.

(h/t True Jersey)