With everything surrounding Tom Brady and Deflatgate, it's easy to forget that the quarterback is actually, well, playing football right now. Training camp is in full swing around the NFL, and the reigning Super Bowl champs have begun their run at a repeat, with either Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo.

For now, Brady is still getting first-team reps while he awaits his hearing with Roger Goodell in court, and he's been very sharp thus far. Until Tuesday, Brady had yet to throw an interception in practice, but another Super Bowl hero changed that.

Malcolm Butler picked off Brady for the first time on Tuesday, undercutting the receiver on a slant route.

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It was a nice play by Butler, but the ball was a little bit behind the receiver. Not a terrible throw, but also nice play by Butler.

What's most surprising about Brady's pick is that Geno Smith -- yes Geno Smith -- has yet to throw an interception in camp. Never would you guess Smith would last longer than Brady with regards to throwing an interception. But hey, that's football.

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