The stat line looks nice. The jaw-dropping play looks even better.

But doing the little things to help a team win in any professional sport is just as crucial.

That's what presumptive starting running back Carlos Hyde is focused on in training camp. The Ohio State product wants to show he can pick up blitzes and pass protect. In turn, that would open up other parts of the game for his teammates and himself.

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"Pass-protection is bigger than you rushing for 200 yards in a game," Hyde said. "Coach (Tom) Rathman stresses pass-protection over and over. I understand it's important. Pass-protection is definitely important. It gives our quarterback time to throw the ball so we can make plays."

What remains to be seen is what type of chemistry Hyde and the offensive line develop. The 49ers offensive line will have a whole new look. So will the backfield with Hyde, offseason addition Reggie Bush, plus Kendall Hunter and draft pick Mike Davis in contention for playing time.

More than anything, he wants to show his versatility. From running the ball, pass protection and catching balls out of the backfield, Hyde appears more than ready to take on the challenge.