You don't embarrass Minnesota Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon and get away with it. So, when linebacker Gerald Hodges made a stop on him and celebrated a bit too much in practice, McKinnon started plotting his revenge.

"Oh, best believe I'm coming for him, best believe I'm coming for him, so definitely payback is in the books," McKinnon said, per Eric Oslund of "It's just a matter of time of when I can catch him."

To clarify, McKinnon's threat is not malicious -- he calls Hodges his "big brother," per Although the celebration may have rubbed him the wrong way, McKinnon is able to admit that Hodges just made a good play and was excited about it.

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"You know, you make a play and get happy a little bit, so you know there was a little bad blood at first, but it's all clean," McKinnon said, per "I love him like a brother, but sometimes when you're on the field competing tempers flare and you don't need anything like that, so it was a good play by him."

We'll see if McKinnon can return the favor sometime soon in Vikings training camp.

(h/t Viking Update)