Cam Newton is a man who is literally full of one-liners. We've seen it all offseason and consistently throughout his career. The most recent comment to cause fans to smile was when the quarterback spoke about the amount of running he does and number of hits he takes.

According to David Newton of ESPN, the leader of the Carolina Panthers wants to hear none of the nonsense about him running too much.

"I'm always getting questioned on how I run," Newton told "I never, up to this point, got that wild shot like I see other players take. One of those hits where you're like, 'Gollee, he just got killed.'"

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Then came the quote that showed Newton's sense of humor.

"Sacks, touches, hits, I'm fine," Newton said. "I'm walking tall. This is a football game and it's supposed to be played as such. I'm not in the sport of ballerina, gymnastics. This is a physical sport. I knew what I was signing up for when I decided to play this game."

It's pretty obvious that Newton isn't in the sport of being a ballerina or gymnastics, as he absolutely has no issue taking, or giving out those hits.

(h/t ESPN)