'Fake Umpires' steal the show during telecast of Mets-Nationals game

Catcher and Umpire

Catcher and Umpire

An umpiring crew stole the show in Sunday night's nationally televised game between the host New York Mets and Washington Nationals but, in a rarity, players and fans were totally supportive of them.

The real "Fake Umpires," otherwise known as Tim Williams and Joe Farrell, came out of a five-year retirement for one final appearance, donning uniforms and masks while seated behind home plate at Citi Field for their farewell performance.

Williams and Farrell simulated every gesture by actual home plate umpire Andy Fletcher, going so far as to pretend to call time and toss the ball back to the starting pitcher.

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Fans took to Twitter to praise the entertaining show put on by the "Fake Umpires," who even managed to snare a ringing endorsement from New York's starting pitcher, rookie right-hander Noah Syndergaard.

The impetus to come out of retirement, Williams explained, was inspired by a pair of fake "Fake Umpires" who attempted to mimic them during a Mets game at the San Francisco Giants on July 8.

The duo started their act in 2008 to raise funds for UMPS CARE charities, the official charity of MLB's umpires.