The New England Patriots and New York Jets may not be "bitter rivals," specifically when it comes to playoff time. The Patriots have dominated the AFC East for more than a decade, with the Jets' last division title coming in 2002. Just don't tell Jets fans that number. It means nothing to them.

No matter how their team performs, Jets fans will never like the Patriots. Need proof? A group of Jets fans, the same fans who paid for the billboards, paid to have a small plane fly over Patriots training camp with a trailing banner that reads "cheaters look up!" For photos of the plane and banner, check out Metro New York and posts below.

If the teams don't appear to be rivals enough on the field, the fans sure show it. Nothing will stop Jets supporters from backing their team and talking trash to Pats fans. Nothing.

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According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, the plane has circled the practice field at least twice.

What are the odds Tom Brady looked up? I'd say pretty good. It'd be hard to ignore a plane with a trailing banner flying over practice -- even if you are one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

(h/t Metro NY)