Last Friday, the Washington Post published an in-depth profile on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and his life off the field. The profile covered a range of topics from information provided by people who were previously a part of Kelly's life.

If you were hoping that Kelly would provide more details about some of the stories told in the profile, you will definitely be disappointed. Kelly would prefer to keep his personal life a closed book, and he believes that he is not alone in that line of thinking.

"I think most people do, don't they? Unless you're a Kardashian," he said, per the Philadelphia Daily Inquirer.

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Of course, last week's profile was a hot topic and reporter Jeff McLane had to do his due diligence by pressing Kelly on the issue. Kelly wouldn't budge.

"I look at it from the Navy SEALs point of view: 'I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor do I seek recognition for my actions.'"

I guess Kelly's Navy-like approach to practices extend past the football field.

(h/t Philadelphia Daily Inquirer)