After winning his last two bouts, middleweight Michael Bisping insisted that he's close to a world title shot. That idea is laughable to division champion Chris Weidman.

The champ engaged in a fan question-and-answer session on Periscope Tuesday, and dismissed the idea that Bisping could get to a world title bout.

"I just don't have full confidence that he could get to the top. Boring decision. Boring decision. If he fights a guy like Romero he'd really have to get lucky to win that fight," Weidman said.

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That isn't to say that Weidman wouldn't enjoy getting to fight "The Count," however. Weidman is set to face Luke Rockhold next, but if Bisping gets "lucky," the "All-American" would welcome a fight with Bisping.

"I would love for him to fight for the title because I'd literally beat him sleepwalking. I think I could beat him while I'm sleepwalking. He has no punching power so I can literally fall asleep while he's punching me, just get a hold of him and throw him on the floor. If he doesn't get knocked out when he falls on the floor I'll just submit him," he maintained.

"I could submit him with my eyes closed, 100 percent. That's not even me talking any junk. That's just me being honest."

Weidman isn't looking all of the division's contenders, it seems, just Bisping. "I've got a couple tough guys, for sure," he said.

"Luke Rockhold's a tough guy. 'Jacare' is a tough guy. Yoel Romero is a scary guy -- Scary-looking guy. Bisping is a joke."

To be sure, Bisping fights hard and talks big, but Weidman ultimately said he would pity the TUF champion should he find himself in the cage with him. "That poor guy. It would just be such an easy fight," he concluded.

"I don't think I'd even have to get in shape for it. I hope to God that he somehow gets his way to the top. Right now he's so far from it but I really hope he can get there. I know he'd talk trash back and it'd be exciting."

Say goodbye to Mr. Nice Chris, we guess. After years of being underestimated and underappreciated, Weidman has appeared to have taken the gloves off.

We suppose revealing to the world the details of your many public pants-crapping episodes has a liberating effect on a man. Clearly, the man is done caring what people think of him.

It's kinda fun, isn't it?