A British prankster disrupted a news conference in Zurich Monday by throwing dollar bills at outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter, amid the soccer organization's corruption scandal.

Blatter, 79, was preparing to speak to reporters about FIFA’s announcement that it will hold a presidential election on Feb. 26, when Simon Brodkin began throwing dollars at him.   

"Where is my security, where is my security?" Sky News reported Blatter demanded, as Brodkin showered him with bills. The press conference was stalled for a few minutes as Brodkin was quickly removed from the room, and the money was cleaned up.

Brodkin, a self-described comedian, has become infamous for interrupting live events. He was dragged off by security after appearing on stage with Kanye West at the Glastonbury Arts Festival earlier this year.

When Blatter began speaking again he blamed the intrusion on "a lack of education."

FIFA announced the election date chosen by its executive committee Monday, giving Blatter seven more months in power before leaving the scandal-tainted governing body. 

Blatter announced plans to resign four days following his re-election to a fifth term in May, amid American and Swiss criminal investigations into corruption. FIFA's 209 members will return to Zurich next year to select a new president. 

At Monday’s briefing, Blatter stated his intention to "lay down his mandate" in the wake of the FBI charging 14 people with racketeering in a global investigation into the soccer organization.

Ten FIFA officials were arrested in the sting. Seven of them --including the then-FIFA vice-president Jeffrey Webb-- were arrested in Zurich on the same day as Swiss police launched a separate criminal investigation into the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments.

Blatter announced his resignation in an attempt to diffuse the crisis.

The FIFA executive committee meeting was also due to discuss ways of reforming the organization to regain the trust of fans and sponsors, including presidential term limits.

Blatter first joined FIFA 40 years ago, and has held onto the most world powerful job in world soccer since 1998. Potential contenders to succeed him include UEFA President Michel Platini and Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, who lost to Blatter in May.

Prince Ali on Monday joined World Cup sponsor Coca-Cola and former FIFA advisers Transparency International in calling for Blatter to be excluded from the process of shaping the organization's future after a litany of scandals on his watch.

Prince Ali told The Associated Press that Blatter "cannot be permitted to plan his succession and manage this election process."

"President Blatter's resignation cannot be dragged out any longer. He must leave now," Prince Ali, a FIFA vice president for four years until May, said in a statement to the AP.

"An interim independent leadership must be appointed to administer the process of the elections, in addition to the reforms that are being discussed prior to the elections," he added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.