Daredevil rider does a backflip on his motorcycle ... while riding on roller coaster tracks



Some people like to get their thrills riding a rollercoaster. Some like to get theirs riding a motorcycle. French daredevil Julien Dupont doesn’t see why he can’t have his cake and eat it too when combining his passions.

The 34-year-old trial motorcyclist pulled off wheelies and backflips while cruising around the 110-foot Montaña Rusa roller coaster at La Feria de Chapultepec amusement park in Mexico City.

During his trip around the almost-mile long roller coaster track, Dupont performed two backflips at the top of the coaster’s high points and wheelied up the famed rollercoaster’s inclines.

“Now I feel better, for sure,” Dupont said afterwards, according to the Daily Mail. “This morning, I was very nervous because I'm not used to riding this kind of stuff.”

“It was the sickest ride ever,” he added.

Chapultepec’s Montaña Rusa has been a landmark in the Mexican capital for almost 50 years and at one time it was the world's tallest roller coaster.

“This is why I love Mexico, because this is the place where the impossible becomes possible,” Dupont said. “There's no place in the world where I could do the same.”

Dupont is no stranger to taking his motorcycle madness through Latin America. In one of his most infamous stunts, the Frenchman took his talents to Rio de Janeiro’s famed Vidigal favela where he leaped, flipped and launched himself up and down the neighborhood’s tight walkways, alleys and roofs.

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