University of New Mexico cancels women’s soccer game over reports of hazing

The University of New Mexico women's soccer game against Texas Tech has been canceled due to an investigation into possible hazing that reportedly may have led to two students being hospitalized and two others quitting the team.

Paul Krebs, the University of New Mexico vice president of athletics, announced Tuesday that the team's season opener in Lubbock, Texas, scheduled for Friday was canceled. He says the alleged hazing took place Sunday night.

One parent told KOB TV Monday that freshmen on the team were sprayed with urine, forced to strip naked and consume large amounts of alcohol. Krebs said to his knowledge, the players denied the report that anyone was naked and “there is no evidence of anybody throwing urine.”

The Albuquerque Journal reported Wednesday that the incident led to several players becoming extremely intoxicated.

The father of a former player on the team told the station that his daughter faced a similar situation during her time on the team.  He told the paper his daughter dreamed of playing Division 1 soccer, but was met with similar treatment.

The Lobos now will open their season on Sept. 5 against Marquette in the Colorado College Invitational in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Officials say neither Texas Tech nor New Mexico will have its season record affected.

The Associated Press contributed to this report