Dodgers found partly liable in 2011 beating

Los Angeles, CA ( - The Los Angeles Dodgers must pay a portion of the $18 million legal payout to Bryan Stow, a Giants fan who was brutally beaten by two men at Dodgers Stadium in 2011.

Stow, now 45 years old from northern California, was critically injured in the attack after the season-opener three years ago between the Giants and Dodgers. He sustained brain damage and is permanently disabled.

A Los Angeles jury on Monday found the Dodgers are to pay 25 percent of the $18 million, while the guilty men, Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez, are responsible for the remainder.

Norwood and Sanchez faced charges of assault and battery, mayhem and inflicting great bodily injury. The two pled guilty in February.

As part of the plea agreement, Norwood was sentenced to four years in state prison on one count of assault. Sanchez received an eight-year prison sentence on a charge of mayhem.