Monica Seles to marry 72-year-old former NHL owner

Nine-time Grand Slam winner Monica Seles is engaged to marry 72-year-old former NHL owner Tom Golisano, he revealed this week.

Seles, 40, and Golisano have dated since 2009. Seles has been retired since 2008 and Golisano sold the Buffalo Sabres in 2011, though he recently has been campaigning to buy the Bills and keep them in Buffalo.

Seles, a two-time U.S. Open winner known for her two-tone grunts and two-handed swings, spent more than 175 weeks ranked No. 1 and was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2009. She won the U.S. Open in 1991 and 1992, part of her nine Grand Slam singles titles, including eight before she turned 20.

In 1993, she was stabbed in the back by a spectator during a changeover at a tournament in Hamburg, Germany, and was away from the tour for more than two years.  

The Associated Press contributed to this report.