Serena and The Woz storm Miami for beach time, wedding crashing and more

Neither Serena Williams nor Caroline Wozniacki will be winning the French Open this year, but clearly they are winning the Internet together this weekend.

Both Williams and Wozniacki were bumped out of the tournament early, and Woz in particular has had a rough week in the wake of her high-profile breakup with golf star Rory McIlroy.

But it would appear that the two tennis stars aren't just going to sit around and mope.

After hanging out together Friday in Miami to watch the Heat defeat the Indiana Pacers, Williams and Wozniacki continued to take the city by storm.

For starters, later that night, Wozniacki had a turn as guest DJ in an undisclosed Miami club:

On Saturday, Serena and The Woz decided to soak up some rays together on the beach:

But the highlight of Saturday's beach day had to be when Serena crashed a lucky couple's wedding, resulting in some photos for the ages: