Report of rowdy Ravens getting booted from a bar incorrect, manager says

Have you heard the one about the three Ravens walking into a bar before supposedly getting kicked out for being too drunk?

Turns out that story doesn't hold water, the bar's manager told the Baltimore Sun.

"We didn'€™t kick any of them out. We didn't ask any of them to leave," Seacrets bar's general manager Scott Studds told the Sun."These guys didn't do anything wrong."

Earlier this week, TMZ reported Baltimore Ravens players Jacoby Jones, Bernard Pierce and Jimmy Smith were asked to leave the Ocean City, Maryland, watering hole Seacrets after having one too many this past Memorial Day weekend.

But while the TMZ video showed Smith speaking to security and reported Smith "was actually allowed to stay and hung out a little longer," manager Studds clarified that the officials' interrogation had nothing to do with the Ravens' alcohol intake.  

"There was incident in the area and a couple of those guys were asked if they saw anything or if anything was happening," Studds told the Sun. "It wasn'€™t even an altercation. A couple of young ladies were saying guys were pestering them. [The incident] wasn'€™t a big deal. It was [the Ravens' players] and other people that our guys were questioning."

The Seacrets manager said he believed the Ravens left shortly after the reported incident, but returned later on that night.

"We wouldn't have let them back in if there was an issue," Studds said.

The Ravens' PR director Chad Steele also weighed in on this new report, telling the Sun, "This is a perfect example that there are two sides to every story."

Guess it's hard to get all the facts straight whenever alcohol's involved.