Report: Sterling 'could not care less' about Ballmer's $2B Clips offer

Donald Sterling's lawyer says the billionaire "could not care less" about ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's offer of $2 billion to buy the Clippers, according to LA Times reporter Andrea Chang.

As news surfaced Thursday afternoon that Ballmer had won the bidding war for the Clippers, Sterling's legal representatives quickly threw cold water on the reports in a series of live tweets posted by Chang from the Sterling residence.  

According to Chang, Sterling's lawyers say he wouldn't sell the Clippers even if the bidding reached $10 billion.

"There's been no sale. There's been no sale. There can be no sale without Donald's signature," the lawyer said, according to Chang's tweets.

Check out Chang's series of tweets from what appears to be exclusive access to Sterling's estate as the news broke: