Richard Petty believes Marcos Ambrose should not have been penalized for punching Casey Mears

Marcos Ambrose understands the $25,000 fine NASCAR levied against him for punching Casey Mears in the face.

His car owner is none too pleased with the penalty and thinks his driver shouldn't be fined for defending himself. Richard Petty says he wants to discuss the penalty with NASCAR officials.

Ambrose and Mears were both punished this week for a post-race altercation at Richmond. Mears was fined $15,000 after he angrily approached Ambrose and shoved the Australian when Ambrose appeared to be walking away. Ambrose replied with a right punch to Mears' face that drew blood near his eye.

Amborse is not appealing and said Thursday he'll pay the fine. Petty thinks it is ridiculous that his driver was punished at all.