12-year-old California girl becomes one of the nation's youngest yogis

Jaysea DeVoe, a popular Southern California yoga instructor who leads a weekly class through the lion, monkey and upward-facing dog poses, has three years of experience -- and she's only 12 years old.

U-T San Diego reports the Encinitas girl recently completed a five-month, 200-hour certification program with two girlfriends, ages 13 and 15.

Now she has joined the staff at Bergamot Spa in her hometown, making her one of the nation's youngest certified yoga instructors.

Lindsay Russo, a yogi who helped teach Jaysea, says the 12-year-old is focused and enthusiastic. That passion brings more than a dozen devoted students, from grade-schoolers to adults, to the girl's Tuesday class.

Her father says he was surprised when Jaysea asked to enroll in the program, but he says the family supports her.