MLB Internet head defends replay from criticism, saying technology takes time to work

The head of baseball's Internet company is defending the sport's new replay system.

Bob Bowman, chief executive officer of MLB Advanced Media, says the system based at his company's office has largely worked.

Through Monday, calls by umpires have been confirmed in 33 of 89 challenges and overturned in 30. For 25 others, calls stood because of a lack of "clear and convincing" evidence. In one instance, umpires asked for a video review to check the balls-strike count.

Bowman said at a panel discussion Tuesday that technology takes time to work. He says: "If you ever get a new phone, it takes you awhile to learn it. We're under 30 days old, and I know we've arrived because ESPN is already criticizing us."

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz declined comment.