IOC defends use of TV rehearsal footage after glitch in Sochi opening ceremony

Olympic officials have defended the use of TV rehearsal footage to cover up a glitch in Sochi's opening ceremony.

The ceremony hit a bump when only four of five floating rings linked up. Russian state television cut away to air the recorded images showing all five rings joining together and fireworks exploding.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams says "some people decided to take some other footage and some not."

He says the "the show itself was a fantastic one" and "I don't see what the problem is, to be honest."

Officials also defended the choice of Irina Rodnina, the three-time figure skating gold medalist who lit the cauldron with hockey great Vladislav Tretiak.

A tweet of Rodnina's from last year — a photo of President Barack Obama doctored to include a banana — drew new attention online Friday.

Sochi organizing chief Dmitry Chernyshenko says Rodnina is one of the world's "most respected" athletes and "the Olympics is not about politics."